Current Activities
Ph.D., Water Resources (hydrochemistry); The University of Arizona.
M.S., Environmental Science (fisheries/limnology); University of California-Berkeley.
B.S., Biological Sciences
(ecology/biochemistry); University of California-Irvine.

Cert., Wastewater Treatment (CSUS); Nutrition & Wellness (AFPA).
Dr. Marrin's complete CV available on request
Science Advisor, Miralto Urban Design (California)*
Associate Founder, Fundación Somos Agua (Mexico)*
Forum Originator, Water Sciences & Insights (Hawaii)*
Consultant, Dudek Engineering/Environmental (California)*
Adjunct Professor, San Diego State University
Lecturer, University of California-San Diego Extension
President, InterPhase Environmental (California)
Senior Scientist, Tracer Research Corporation (Arizona)
Ecologist, University of South Florida Marine Science Institute
Consultant and legal expert on environmental projects involving the migration, partitioning, cycling, chemistry, biodegradation, and potential sources of organic pollutants, metals, and marker compounds.

Overseeing diverse research and educational programs for corporations, institutes, and nonprofit groups that address the protection, restoration, integration, perception, and health implications of water quality.

Working with artists and designers to develop collaborative tools for communicating scientific concepts/data to the public and applying artistic perspectives to research, management, and decison-making.